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Is your website secure?

By now, you’ve seen that most websites have switched over to using security. At one time, it was only the larger companies that used https on their sites. Or shopping carts. You can see who is secure when you look at the little lock at the top in the address bar. Most people used to look for the lock when they made a purchase on the web. Now secure websites are for everyone.


Don't be left in the dust – Multiply Your Advantages

Running a small business is tough. Real tough. This means you have to take advantage of your strengths. All small business owners know the challenges because they live with them daily so let's discuss strengths and solutions – a mentally healthy way to approach the future. Here is a quick refresher of some of the advantages you, as a small business owner, have over your larger competitors.

Mobile Web

By ignoring the nearly universal common practice of static dimensions in web design, Responsive Web Design builds pages that dynamically respond to the layout requirements of individual users' mobile devices. Considering the ever increasing number of tablets and smart phones and their various operating platforms insuring accessibility to your complete customer base becomes simple with Responsive Web Design.


Would you be surprised if you were told mobile browsing accounts for a large and ever growing percentage of an average internet users browsing time? Many mobile users are multitasking not only on their mobile devices, but in their lives and have little patience for web sites that will not display or display poorly

Content Management System

To simplify, a content management system is usually a backend administration area where you can compose and edit the content of your website. If you choose to use a software package such as WordPress or Joomla!, there will be a built-in backend area that comes with the software. They generally include a media manager as well where you can upload photos, images, and files. When dealing with Joomla!, you can even manage your site from the front end.