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Don't be left in the dust – Multiply Your Advantages

Running a small business is tough. Real tough. This means you have to take advantage of your strengths. All small business owners know the challenges because they live with them daily so let's discuss strengths and solutions – a mentally healthy way to approach the future. Here is a quick refresher of some of the advantages you, as a small business owner, have over your larger competitors.

  • Relationship marketing – Small businesses can blow the big guys out of the water on this point, word of mouth is powerful.
  • Personal – Large businesses rely on gimmicks and giant 5th Ave marketing campaigns to attempt to make customers feel special. On the other hand, you can literally reach out and touch your customers.
  • Responsive – You directly communicate with your customer base and can respond quickly and decisively to their needs.
  • Niche markets – Success in a niche market is something only small business can achieve effectively. The big guys only pretend to specialize because their costs are so high
  • Creativity – You can succeed with ideas that are outside-of-the-box based on your own personality and creativity.

Let the World Know You Are Here

Even a small traditional (print) marketing campaign will cost tens of thousands of annually. Print advertising is under a lot of price pressure today with the successes of a variety of digital marketing avenues available. So costs are up, return on investment is down, and discretion needs to be the watch-word when making a traditional media purchase. Should you drop traditional media? Probably not yet, but play smart and begin now diversifying your efforts.

The costs of beginning an online mobile marketing campaign would not significantly affect your current traditional effort even without increasing your marketing budget. A website is not enough, it is just expected today. To take advantage of ever-expanding mobile browsing which is very close to 25% of web traffic today, you will at minimum need a mobile responsive web site and a mobile presence via an app. Costs are very reasonable if you look in the right places, don't be fooled by those that dazzle and baffle – it should be straight forward and affordable on almost any budget.

Large Business vs. Small Business

Large businesses have allocated a larger portion of their marketing budget for online and mobile marketing than small businesses have by a factor of five. Large businesses invest 16% of their marketing budget compared to 3% of small business marketing budget investments. What do they know? They know a lot, they know the advantages of small businesses and they know they can imitate your advantages with mobile marketing and a dedicated staff that can imitate your natural strengths.

Gain Territory

Use your natural advantages as a small business owner; don't give ground to your competition. You can take your strengths and put ground between you and your competitors. Let us help you multiply your natural strengths with a strong affordable online mobile presence. Don't wait, contact us now.

Mobile Web

By ignoring the nearly universal common practice of static dimensions in web design, Responsive Web Design builds pages that dynamically respond to the layout requirements of individual users' mobile devices. Considering the ever increasing number of tablets and smart phones and their various operating platforms insuring accessibility to your complete customer base becomes simple with Responsive Web Design.

A surprising number of designers still adhere to outdated practice of defined dimensions, and then those designers would create for you, at more cost, a second website for mobile browsing with still no guarantee that the mobile version would function across all platforms and screen sizes. This also increases businesses' hosting costs plus more time trying to manage two websites. RWD simplifies your online efforts by creating a single website that functions across multiple platforms, saving time and money.

The adaptive nature of RWD also increases your visibility as using the same HTML and CSS across multiple platforms your website is easier for Google to search and index and this will help to optimize search results and have a positive effect on your search engine ranking.

RWD is a relatively new web design concept. Getting on board now will put you at the forefront of what will surely become the next standard in web design. Getting there before your competition can only benefit your business.

We will review your current web site without obligation, do it now!


Would you be surprised if you were told mobile browsing accounts for a large and ever growing percentage of an average internet users browsing time? Many mobile users are multitasking not only on their mobile devices, but in their lives and have little patience for web sites that will not display or display poorly

Typically, your web presence has only seconds to capture the attention of internet users, especially mobile browsers. Have you accessed your website on a variety of mobile devices? Do you know what it looks like? Do you know if it’s easy and quick to navigate for your mobile users? You may not only be losing sales, but your company’s reputation as forward thinking, tech-savvy business.

Let’s face it, most of us are impatient when it comes to website functionality. If it doesn’t work quickly and correctly the first time, we move on to something that does. With the advent of social networks came the ability to quickly and easily share our opinions was given to every internet user. One user’s bad experience can equal the loss of many potential customers who share that single, frustrated user’s social network.

The problem with achieving a mobile-friendly web presence is that most of our websites were built before the mobile browsing craze resulting in poor load times, clumsy navigation and constant scrolling.

To prevent easily distracted users from moving on to next mobile-accessible website, your site needs to be designed to make clickable items easy to push, keep screen pinching to a minimum, and to ensure things are laid out logically and easy on the eye, even on smaller touch screen devices.