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Would you be surprised if you were told mobile browsing accounts for a large and ever growing percentage of an average internet users browsing time? Many mobile users are multitasking not only on their mobile devices, but in their lives and have little patience for web sites that will not display or display poorly

Typically, your web presence has only seconds to capture the attention of internet users, especially mobile browsers. Have you accessed your website on a variety of mobile devices? Do you know what it looks like? Do you know if it’s easy and quick to navigate for your mobile users? You may not only be losing sales, but your company’s reputation as forward thinking, tech-savvy business.

Let’s face it, most of us are impatient when it comes to website functionality. If it doesn’t work quickly and correctly the first time, we move on to something that does. With the advent of social networks came the ability to quickly and easily share our opinions was given to every internet user. One user’s bad experience can equal the loss of many potential customers who share that single, frustrated user’s social network.

The problem with achieving a mobile-friendly web presence is that most of our websites were built before the mobile browsing craze resulting in poor load times, clumsy navigation and constant scrolling.

To prevent easily distracted users from moving on to next mobile-accessible website, your site needs to be designed to make clickable items easy to push, keep screen pinching to a minimum, and to ensure things are laid out logically and easy on the eye, even on smaller touch screen devices.